How to help seniors stay active without stretching their physical abilities to the limit?

When discussing sports for the elderly, I often hear many concerns about how it can harm people with weak bones or low muscle density.

The key here is not to push some gym routines or heavy lifting on seniors but to find the type of activities that works in every specific case. Of course, the routine can include gym visits for people who used to exercise or do sports their whole lives. But for others, such activities will neither be suitable nor fun.

First thing first, you should consult with the doctor to establish what kind of workout can be helpful for your senior relative and what their health limits are.

Afterwards, you should listen carefully to what seniors have to say: do they enjoy attending a dance class once a week rather than doing some in-house exercises? What their daily or weekly norm should be? Do they prefer doing sports on their own or want to join some local community?

If you’re looking for some ideas for active leisure for seniors, check out the article below.