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Are you sick and tired of commuting to a mundane job every day…

Working in a drab office cubicle for 8 hrs a day just to do unfulfilling work…

Dreading every Monday wishing it were the weekend already…

Counting down the days to that next vacation where you can finally escape the rat race for a few days before you’re back at it again?

If your ‘work life balance’ seems to HEAVILY favour work, then it’s time for a change – and Pulse Alert just might be that change for you.

About Us

We’re a dynamic and quickly growing Canadian company that focuses heavily on providing ‘work lifestyle’ to our sales reps and employees. Burnout is a real thing and we strive to build a work culture that is performance based but still gives you the freedom to enjoy your life while working.

This Is What ‘Work Lifestyle’
Looks Like To Our Reps

Work Fully Remotely

Everyone works remotely from the comfort of their own home, shared workspace or airBNB! All you need is a laptop, a good headset and a solid wifi connection and you can work from anywhere in the world!

A Lucrative Commission Structure And Clearly Defined Promotion Path

Your income is not tied to hours worked, if you are good at what you do, there’s no cap to your income and you don’t have to grind 40 hr work weeks. This frees up more time in a day to do the things you actually enjoy doing, outside of work. So you’re not constantly living for the weekend.

We Provide You With Qualified Inbound Leads

You’re not grinding on the phones all day trying to drum up business for yourself with a long drawn out sales cycle. A sale is made on a single phone call. Paid sales training is provided and you’ll be up to speed and making sales inside of 2 weeks and reps are paid weekly.

Company Retreats

End of year, all-expenses-paid company trips to different warm locations 🙂 This last year we had a blast in the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen, Mexico! This year, we went to Puerto Vallarta!

Exclusive Trips For Top Reps

These trips will be earned by the top performers and we’ll go on more elaborate excursions.

Best Part Is - What You’re Selling Saves Lives.

We help Canadian seniors with the two things they want most; to feel safe and to maintain their independence in their own home.
We do this by providing them with emergency alert devices that protect them 24/7 in the event of a medical emergency or a bad fall.
All you are responsible for is to follow-up with the warm leads who’ve already expressed interest in our products, help them choose the best life safety system for their lifestyle and then fill out some paperwork (digitally).

On Track Earnings For
An Average Rep

avg 45 deals / mo

On Track Earnings For
A Top Rep

avg 55+ deals / mo

Apply To Work With Us

So if making great money while working from anywhere in the world, with flexible hours, selling something you can believe in sounds like the gig for you - then fill out the application below.
*Offer valid for Annual protection plans by new customers only.
** Available for select Pulse Alert protection plans only. Ask your Life Safety Consultant for more information.
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