ProtectWell In-Home™

An emergency alert base station with wireless access to on demand help, anywhere in your home. Keep doing the things you love with added peace of mind that help is always just a button press away.

A cost-efficient emergency alert system without any landline requirements, the ProtectWell Home™ keeps you safe both in and around your home. It uses a nationwide cellular network to wirelessly connect you to our 24/7 Canadian-based monitoring center. The easy-to-setup base station works with a wearable waterproof emergency alert help button (worn as a bracelet or lanyard) that can be pressed up to 2,000 feet* away from the base station, giving you immediate access to help.

*Coverage is subject to environment, equipment condition, and portable device location.

Enjoy Peace of Mind At Home With Wireless Access to Help When You Need It

Whether you're inside your home or out in the yard, feel safe and confident knowing you're always connected to help with the ProtectWell Home™ emergency alert system.

24/7 Access To Help

Once you activate your emergency alert device, you’ll be connected to our Canadian-based, English speaking, professionally trained operators at our 24/7 monitoring center

Protection Without A Telephone Landline

Provides wireless, 24/7 access to our medical alert monitoring center using AT&T 3G cellular service (included with your protection plan subscription).

Clear, 2-Way Communication

Your base station has a built-in speaker with adjustable volume allowing for loud and clear communication between you and our emergency monitoring center.

2,000 FT. Range Protection Area

With a button-to-base station coverage area of almost five hockey rink lengths, you’ll have access to help throughout your entire home and surrounding yard.

Additional Features

Coverage Across Canada

Whether you’re moving for the season or visiting family, you’ll always be protected

Water Resistant

Our wearable emergency alert buttons have a waterproof rating designed for shower or bath use, where 80% of falls happen on slippery surfaces.

Automatic Fall Detection (optional)

Upgrading your alert button to have this special built-in technology that can sense a sudden change in elevation, you have an additional layer of protection in-case you're ever rendered unconscious or unable to press your alert button

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Three Steps For Getting Help Fast

Help Couldn't Come Easier

Press the Help Button to speak to our 24/7 Emergency Monitors. Optional Fall Detection can also automatically call for you.

Request Any Type of Help

We can dispatch the police, fire department, EMTs, or your loved ones on your behalf.

Fast, Reliable Peace of Mind

You are not alone. 24-hour monitoring with our Canadian-based, English speaking emergency operators keeps you connected until the right kind of help arrives.

You're One Call Away From Safe Independent Living

Speak with one of our Life Safety Consultants to help you choose which device and protection plan is best for your needs and lifestyle.


Powered by 4G LTE Smart/Voice Assist technology, Mobile 2.0 is our sleekest, most powerful, well-connected device to date!

Enjoy Our Fastest Speed Yet

Mobile 2.0 is connected anywhere with cellular service it even features advanced location monitoring that uses 40 LTE, WIFI & OPS to ensure our best ever connection speed.

Embrace Voice Assist Technology

Activate self-testing and spoken reports about your device status with the simple press of a button Smart/serves as a 1-stop hub for essential device information.

What’s Included

Your package will come with a handy user manual in addition to the following:

Base Unit

Our classic base unit can be synced with included wearables in addition to supporting wall buttons it syncs with your landline telephone.


Sync this lightweight silicone wristband to your base station for 2,000 ft of coverage.

Neck Pendant

Sync this lightweight pendant to your base station for 2,000 ft of coverage.

Wall Charger + Adapter

Keep your base unit and backup battery charged with this charging cable. If your power fails, the backup battery will activate and last up to 32 hours.

Have A Question? Check These Answers.

Yes. The ProtectWell Home™ keeps you protected both in and around your home, so whether you experience an accident in the shower or while going about your daily routine, you will always be able to contact our monitoring center using your Help Button.

No. You can only speak to an operator through the base station. The wearable Help Button simply allows you to call for help up to 2,000 feet in every direction of the base station. If you are unable to speak with our emergency operators, they immediately dispatch local emergency personnel to your home.

No. You never have to worry about any additional fees for when the ProtectWell Home™ contacts our monitoring center using AT&T’s cellular network.

Yes. The base station is compatible with multiple Help Buttons so you and your spouse, or another family member, can each be protected in your home.

With the ProtectWell Home™, you have the option of purchasing a water-resistant fall alert pendant. The pendant has technology inside it that can sense a sudden change in elevation. When it detects a fall, it sends a wireless signal to the base station, which then connects you to our monitoring center using your landline telephone or cellular network. For just $8/month, you can enjoy the added peace of mind knowing that you will always get help in an emergency.

*Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If the customer is able, customer should press the help button in the event of an emergency. Fall Detection should only be worn around the neck to allow for adequate detection of falls.

Yes. If you’re moving, going on vacation, or visiting family and friends anywhere within Canada, you can take the ProtectWell Home™ with you. Simply notify our Customer Care Team so we can update your account and ensure that help is sent to your new location.

While the base station is not water-resistant, the wearable Help Buttons are highly water-resistant so you can call for help from anywhere in your home, including the shower.

Yes. It has an 80-hour backup battery so you will always be able to receive help in an emergency, even during a power outage.

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