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Healthy Living: How Older Adults Are Managing Their Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Todd Griffiths
Published On:
November 18, 2022
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Seniors face many challenges to emotional and mental well-being, including living in an unfamiliar environment, navigating a new healthcare system, or dealing with a loss.

At the same time, most older adults say they are resilient and expect to be able to bounce back from these challenges. Yet we should take on this matter and do our best to assist older adults with managing their emotional and mental well-being.

The 2022 survey by AARP showed that 45% of senior respondents had been bothered by anxiety. Unfortunately, we often have little impact on external factors that lead the elderly to such mental states. But the good thing is that we have an extensive toolkit of digital solutions to provide seniors with accessible timely support, whether it's used as an add-on to in-person care or a substitute for it.

If you're interested to find out more survey insights, check out the article below.


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