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Meet Pulse Alert's new Emergency Alert Smartwatch. A must-have for Canadians who want to live more active independent lifestyles.
Stay connected to the help you need right from your wrist!
Stay active with step counter and heart rate monitoring
Reduce anxiety and worry around falling with 24/7 access to help, GPS locating and fall detection
Complete protection everywhere you go, not just at home.
“I wouldn't be able to live on my own without it”
Gloria P.
Leduc, AB
“Worth every penny when you live alone”
Wayne M
Kelowna, BC
“Takes the stress out of worrying about a fall”
Dorothy G.
Humbolt, SK

 the peace of mind You need to continue living an active lifestyle

Our Emergency Alert Smartwatch gives you the confidence to maintain a healthy & active lifestyle.
ProtectWell ACTIVE

Emergency Alert Smartwatch

An elegantly designed, durable smartwatch with digital tools to keep you active and safe at all times, anywhere you go.

Immediate Emergency Response

Protects you everywhere you go, not just at home. With a built-in Help button, GPS locating and 2-way voice, you’ve got immediate access to help in case of falls, health issues, or accidents.

Complete Protection, Everywhere

Professional emergency operators know who and where you are at all times and what kind of help you need. Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones when you’re alone.

Tools To Stay Active

A step counter that keeps track of your step goals throughout the day and heart rate sensors that let you know when you need to take it easy.

Easy to Wear Every Day

Elegant, lightweight and comfortable so you can wear it all the time. It's designed to fit into your daily routine seamlessly, so you can keep doing what you love without any hassle.

Worry Free Independence

Around the clock access to help empowers you to keep doing your thing. It's like your personal assurance – help is there when you need it, so you can stay active and live life on your terms.

Peace of Mind for You and Loved Ones

You and your caregivers can breathe easier. Help is just a call away, dialing down the worry and stress that come with potential emergencies.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Takes the stress out of worrying about a fall”

Dorothy G

Humbolt, SK

“I got mine as I was so unstable on my feet and always falling. Excellent service and it takes the stress out of worrying about a fall”

Bill S

Oshawa, ON

Best decision I made was getting this emergency alert system. Never thought I would need it until I did!

Louanne M

St Catharines, ON

"I've used mine for 6 years and wouldn't be without it"

Bruce L

Edmonton, AB

“I got mine right after I passed out, cracking my skull and lying on the floor for hours before I woke up! I now have peace of mind even though I live alone”

Donna M

Kelowna, BC

“I wouldn't be able to live on my own without it”

Gloria P

Leduc, AB

"Worth every penny when you live alone"

Helen S

Brandon, MB

“I got mine because of my epilepsy. I was told I wouldn’t be able to live on my own without one. Well worth the money to continue living at home!”

Rhonda R

Saskatoon, SK

“I really feel safer with mine. I shower with it around my neck. I love that it has GPS and can find me anywhere I go if I can’t ask anybody for help. Love it”

Wendy L

Thunder Bay, ON

“I'm only 54 and I’ve had a stroke! Since then I’ve never left home without it. I just feel more secure when I’m wearing it”

Michael B

Niagara Falls, ON

“Thank you Pulse, my alert device has been a life saver… literally! Money well spent.”

Jack M.

Stoney Creek, ON

“It saved my life. My daughter and I can't thank you enough”

Wayne M.

Kelowna, BC

“This alert system has given me my independence back. After knee surgery last year I became dependent on others and that was difficult for me. Pulse’s help button changed all that”

Mildred S.

Ottawa, ON

“I have one and I feel very safe and protected everywhere I go. Thank you Pulse Alert!”

Lore P.

Barrie, ON

From Grief to Hope: Todd's Mission to Bring Life-Saving Devices to Aging Canadians

Founder & CEO of Pulse, Todd Griffiths, interviewed live on CHCH News in Ontario.

Founded after the loss of his grandfather...

During his service in the Royal Canadian Navy, Todd faced a family tragedy when his grandfather, who lived alone, experienced a stroke.

Tragically, his grandfather passed away after being paralyzed on the floor for two days. The doctor explained that an emergency response device with a fall-alert feature could have prevented this by promptly notifying emergency services.

In memory of his grandfather, Todd has been on a mission for the last 7 years to provide these life-saving devices to elderly Canadians in need, hoping to spare other families from similar heartbreaks.

This Emergency Alert Smartwatch Will Help You feel safe and more independent. Don't wait until you need it. Get one for yourself right now.

Protect yourself or a loved one with the most advanced Emergency Alert Smartwatch starting at around a dollar a day. 
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