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With personal emergency alert systems that allow you to maintain your lifestyle with 24/7 access to help where and when you need it.

Falls Are A Serious Safety Problem

Falls might seem commonplace with age, but the grave reality is that falls are the now the leading cause of injury death, and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries, often leading to chronic pain or disability. Research has shown that.
50% of people aged 75+ fall at home
2x more likely to fall again if fallen once before
80% of falls occur in the bathroom
70% of older adults will need long-term care
A Mobile Alert Device Will Give You And Your Family

The Peace Of Mind To Lead An Active And Independent Lifestyle

Studies have shown, having an alert device actually enhances your quality of life by reducing the anxiety and worry around falling. This is how thousands of older Canadians are leading active lifestyles regardless of their risk of falling.

They don’t let their medical conditions slow them down. They don’t let their fear of falling slow them down. And they don’t let living alone slow them down either. They value their independence and want to keep doing what they enjoy doing. They don’t let the risk of falling affect their quality of life.

24 Hour Monitoring Device
GPS Tracking & Data Enabled
100% Water Resistant & Comfortable
Get instantly connected, hands free to a trained EMT that will assist you until help arrives

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In The Home

ProtectWell Home

ProtectWell Home™ helps you maintain your independence in and around the home. With a waterproof help button worn as a lanyard or a bracelet, you've got wireless access to on-demand help 24/7.
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Discover More
On The Go

ProtectWell On-The-Go

ProtectWell On-The-Go™ provides you with the confidence you need to live an independent and active lifestyle. With built-in fall detection, GPS/WiFi technology, you've got 24/7 access to help no matter where you are.
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ProtectWell Active

The ProtectWell Active™ Smartwatch is the newest, most technologically advanced way to stay safe while leading an active lifestyle. An elegantly designed, durable smartwatch with digital tools to keep you connected with friends and family.
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Discover More

Get Help Wherever You Are, No Matter How Big Or Small The Emergency

Slip & Fall
Home Invasion
Our Story

Hi, I'm Todd Griffiths, CEO Of PulseAlert

I founded PulseAlert after being impacted by the loss of my grandfather. While I was serving in the Royal Canadian Navy, my grandfather was living alone when a stroke left him paralyzed and helpless on the floor.

After laying there for two days he eventually passed away. The doctor told us that his death could have been prevented if he had an emergency response device with a fall-alert feature. It would have sensed the fall and notified emergency services and someone would have been dispatched to help him right away.

If he had one of these devices, my grandfather would still be alive today. Since that day, it’s been my mission to get these life saving devices in the hands of as many older Canadians who NEED one as possible and prevent such a tragedy from ever happening to another family.

Client Testimonials

Join 1000s Of Canadians Who Enjoy Safe Independent Living

“Takes the stress out of worrying about a fall”

Dorothy G

Humbolt, SK

“I got mine as I was so unstable on my feet and always falling. Excellent service and it takes the stress out of worrying about a fall”

Bill S

Oshawa, ON

Best decision I made was getting this emergency alert system. Never thought I would need it until I did!

Louanne M

St Catharines, ON

"I've used mine for 6 years and wouldn't be without it"

Bruce L

Edmonton, AB

“I got mine right after I passed out, cracking my skull and lying on the floor for hours before I woke up! I now have peace of mind even though I live alone”

Donna M

Kelowna, BC

“I wouldn't be able to live on my own without it”

Gloria P

Leduc, AB

"Worth every penny when you live alone"

Helen S

Brandon, MB

“I got mine because of my epilepsy. I was told I wouldn’t be able to live on my own without one. Well worth the money to continue living at home!”

Rhonda R

Saskatoon, SK

“I really feel safer with mine. I shower with it around my neck. I love that it has GPS and can find me anywhere I go if I can’t ask anybody for help. Love it”

Wendy L

Thunder Bay, ON

“I'm only 54 and I’ve had a stroke! Since then I’ve never left home without it. I just feel more secure when I’m wearing it”

Michael B

Niagara Falls, ON

“Thank you Pulse, my alert device has been a life saver… literally! Money well spent.”

Jack M.

Stoney Creek, ON

“It saved my life. My daughter and I can't thank you enough”

Wayne M.

Kelowna, BC

“This alert system has given me my independence back. After knee surgery last year I became dependent on others and that was difficult for me. Pulse’s help button changed all that”

Mildred S.

Ottawa, ON

“I have one and I feel very safe and protected everywhere I go. Thank you Pulse Alert!”

Lore P.

Barrie, ON

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